Dr. Alexander NEUMANN

Partner und Director

"My personal experience has shown, that using adequate words in an appropriate moment and setting a lot could be moved forward and hardly everything could be achieved.

This opinion is the basic principle for everything I do in my job. I understand my work as generating a setting that is basis for efficient communication, development and constructive moving forward .

My scientific and technical background stamp the way I am working an the methods I am using - and this might sometimes be seen as new and unconventional."

Area of Expertise

"Design and Leading of Sustainable Processes."
  • Mediation (businessmediation, mediation in higher education, mediation in public domain)
  • Moderation, conflikt-moderation
  • Coaching, teambuilding
  • Supervision
  • Coaching in the field of scientific work (www.wiss.co.at)
  • Organisational developement and processproviding, Focus: Design and architecture of processes, surveys
  • Training, seminars und research in my core working fields (also seen on: www.zfb.at)


BDF-net Agentur für neue Medien GmbH